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Thanks to our Ovation committee for all your dedication and hard work to make this event possible. Please use the materials provided via this page to assist your efforts in promoting the GAACC Ovation gala on December 3.

Please DO NOT share this page with anyone outside the Ovation Committee! These materials are intended for use by committee members in soliciting support for Ovation and should not be provided to the public without context. 

Please modify the Sponsorship Appeal Letter and In-Kind Donation Request Letter (both available here as Google Docs) to match the needs of your individual request. To do this, open the document and go to "File > Copy," then edit the copy for your needs.  All other documents here are provided as PDFs. 

As always, if you have questions or encounter any difficulty accessing or using these materials, please reach out to GAACC staff at

Committee / Board Solicitation Roadmap (PDF)

Sponsorship Appeal Letter (Google Doc)


Sponsorship Booklet (PDF)

In-Kind Donation Request Letter (Google Doc)

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